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We offer professional massage therapies, including:

# Thai Traditional massage

# Thai Hot Oil massage

# Swedish Relaxation massages

# Deep Tissue massage

# Reflexology Foot massage

# Thai Herbal Compress massage

Traditional Thai massage:

A Traditional Thai massage is a yoga massage stretching the legs, arms and back to ease your knots, aches and pains. This is a deeper level of massage, where hands, knees, legs and feet are used over your entire body. It helps to relieve pain or sore muscles and to relax your mind and body.


60 minutes $90 | 90 minutes $130 | 120 minutes $180


Thai Hot Oil massage:

A Thai hot oil massage is gentler than traditional Thai massage and is very soothing and stimulating. Typical massages are for relaxation or invigoration, as well as for specific pain such as back, shoulder etc.


60 minutes $90 | 90 minutes $130 | 120 minutes $180


Swedish Massage:

The Swedish Massage: Full Body Therapy. The Swedish  massage  is  the  most  common  and  best- known  type  of massage in  the  West. It is the foundation for sport massage, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy massage and other popular Western-style massages. Based on the Western concepts of anatomy and physiology - as opposed to energy work on "meridians" or Sen lines which are the focus in Asian massage systems — therapists utilize this type of massage to stimulate circulation, flush the circulatory system, release tight muscles, restore range of motion, and to relieve pain.

Duration :

60 minutes $90 | 90 minutes $130 | 120 minutes $180


Deep Tissue massage:

Deep tissue massage therapy is similar to Swedish massage, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints).

Massage helps the muscles relax, stimulates a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood, and flushes areas of chemical irritants that come from inflammation. Treatments are individually and uniquely designed to include Swedish Massage techniques.


60 minutes $90 | 90 minutes $130 | 120 minutes $180


Reflexology Foot Massage:

This relaxing treatment targets tension in the internal organs. Using reflex points on the feet, areas of congestion within the body systems can be identified and the corresponding reflex points stimulated to improve and enhance overall health. Toxins are eliminated, digestion is improved and the immune system receives a boost.

Beginning with a herbal foot soak and paraffin application, we will customize an essential oil massage with reflexology to soothe even the most tired feet.

Duration: 60 minutes $90 | 90 minutes $130


Combo - Relaxation Massage & Reflexology:

This one -hour treatment is the perfect blend of relaxation massage on the back/neck with reflexology on the feet.

Duration: 90 minutes $130

Thai Herbal Compress Massage:

Performed for hundreds of years, Herbal Massage is known to provide deep relaxation while relieving stress and fatigue, improving overall health. The therapy relies on the use of hot compresses or “poultices” filled with a selection of herbs and spices.

Duration: 60 minutes $140| 90 minutes $180

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